Banjar Valley Experiential Outing

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Banjar valley is in Kullu district, Himachal Pradesh and is still one of the least explored valleys in the state. Lush green forests cover the entire area. Tirthan river is major river of Banjar along with the tributary Pushpabhad flowing from Jalori pass through Jibhi.

This valley is untouched by the rush of tourism and is a gem of a place to visit. There are several activities that you can indulge in (that we have planned for you) or simply relax by the river and read a book.

The valley is accessible though out the year via road. You could drive from Delhi to Banjar valley via 2 different routes – 1) drive towards Manali and take the right turn before the Aut Tunnel at kullu or 2) drive via Shimla and drive down from Jalori pass. Both routes take between 14 to 16 hours to reach from Delhi, depending on the traffic / weather etc. Another alternate way to reach the valley would be to fly to Bhuntar Airport (in Kullu) and then take a private taxi to the valley. The flight is of less than an hour and the drive from airport to Banjar valley is about 2 hours approximately.

In this itinerary we have planned some activities, keeping in mind young adults and families. Nothing too strenuous, nothing that can’t be changes or customized to suit the family.

About the Outing

The idea of planning this experiential outing came from our own travels with family and the need to do more than the usual touristy activities.

In this trip, we have combined luxurious stays along with group activities and some adventure. We will travel to lesser known valleys yet enjoy the 5-star luxury when it comes to stays and food. We will indulge in some group activities that are aimed to strengthen the bond within the family while thinking out of the box. All activities that have been planned are keeping in mind a family – 2 adults and a child or 2 children or more. What we expect is one parent to accompany the child / children.

The entire plan here is open ended, we can change and customize it to suit individuals or families. We can do it before the trip start, over a cup of coffee.

Our places of stay have been handpicked that offer a mix of luxurious comfort as well being surrounded by beautiful nature. We are partnering with teams that are aligned with our vision and help us achieve perfection.

Every trip is planned to every hour of the day. You will be accompanied and assisted by our trusted members from day 0 and they will be ensuring that you get the best experience.

1 Exotic Luxury Stays
2 Cycling
3 Trekking
4 Camping
5 Fishing/Angling
6 Village Walks

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