About Wanderers

Get lost .... in nature!

There is much more to explore and experience in India than the usual tourist spots, the usual hill stations and the waterfall picture you seen a thousand times in magazines. There is an absolutely new and unexplored India waiting for you to come and discover.

WANDERERS will help you discover those hidden places ... or as we say gems of nature. Travelling with us is meant for the explorers who want to experience pristine nature out there. Soak in the smell and sights of a lifetime on every trip. Live the dream of camping by the side of a river, taking a nap in the hammock or bathing in the stream or a hot spring, sleeping in between fireflies. Waking up to the first rays of sun and birds chirping all around. While being out in nature, work as a team to cook food, setup camps and enjoy the company of like mind people. We will take you to the wide Himalayan range to the back waters of Kerala, from the white desert of Kutch to the Monasteries in Sikkim. India has an endless list of majestically mesmerizing places to explore.

We have a fully equipped caravan of 4x4 SUVs to travel to the remotest regions in the country. One of them has been specially modified to act as a kitchen and storage to ensure we have all the basic amenities and food at the camp locations. There are no fixed camp sites, we travel, we choose the most scenic and comfortable spot and camp. We camp on the ground. We camp on top of the SUV ... if you want you could try the hammocks too. One of the team members is an accomplished Chef and he will cook us food ( .... we all as a team will help him) with locally procured produce and some items we will carry from the base in the "Kitchen SUV". For sanitation, we will setup toilet tents. Wherever possible, we will set up showers too .... if we have a water source near the camping site.

The entire plan is "OPEN ENDED". We will have a set destination to reach but the route we take, the days we spend on the way and how we explore shall be collective decision of the group.

Every travel with WANDERERS is an experience of a life time.

Know the Team

Dr. Archana Mehra

After 30 years of experience in the academic and corporate sector, Archana finally decided to pursue her dream of entering the travel industry. She inherited the love for travel from her parents who would not think twice before ferrying their kids all across the country. Growing up, she travelled extensively both within and outside India. She loves nothing more than organizing and curating holidays which are exciting, unusual, quirky and fun. With attention to every small detail her aim is to provide her guests the best experiences possible.

Lokesh Khosla

Lokesh Khosla

Having spent 15 years with IBM and working with a number of global clients, Lokesh left his corporate job to persue his dream of adventure travel company.

Having completed and led countless treks in Himachal, Uttarakhand, Ladakh, Nepal and North East, he continues to explore new slopes and travels extensively.