Ladakh Markha Valley Experiential Outing

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One of the most beautiful valleys from the Land of high passes (Ladakh), Markha Valley is not just a magnificent valley surrounded by snow capped peaks and Markha river which is a tributary of Zanskar river flowing in the middle of the valley. The villages are extremely welcoming making it an amazing experience for the travellers. Markha Valley which is situated admist the Hemis National Park, can be accessed either through Spituk or from Skiu. It is a couple of hours of drive from Leh.

The villages of Skiu, Sara and Markha has small old homes offering homestays to the travellers. Markha village also has an old Monastery that one can visit.

Reaching Markha Valley involves reaching Leh and then a bit of a drive followed by 2-4 days of trekking. Every bit of it is not just adventure, it also involves a lot of cross culture learnings and experiences.

About the Outing

The Markha experiential travel covers both the leisure destinations in and around Leh along with experiencing the remote lifestyles of the people of Markha valley, their cuisine, their hardships and their culture. The idea of showing that part of the world is to show the families (especially kids) what minimalistic lifestyle means and how happiness is more about being together and being humble. The evening chats with the locals will add so much value to our daily chorus once we are back. There are so many things that are taken for granted in our day to day lives, these experiences are simply an eye opener.

In this trip, we will be visiting the Monasteries around Leh, some more touristy locations like, Hall of Fame, Shanti Stupa, Leh Palace etc. The following 4-5 days, we will be spending away from the chaos in the calm Markha Valley region, the people and culture.

1 Luxury Stay in Leh
3 Trekking
4 Camping
5 Monasteries
6 Ladakhi Culture
7 Ladakhi Architecture
8 High Altitude Passes
9 Remote Ladakhi Life and Hardships

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