Things you should know if you are planning Valley of Flowers Trek

Booking : Book well in advance. It is important to experience valley in full bloom. The best time for the trek is mid July to mid august. Going in late August or early September, there is less or no chance of experiencing the valley in “full bloom”.

Right Organization : Going with an organization that only aggregates and pass your booking to a local vendor is probably not the best thing to do. Go with an organization that operates in “Valley of flowers”.

Safety : Book with an organization that has a certified trek lead and a first aid responder. While we may think a guide is sufficient but it never is. In case of any emergency, it is important to have a first aid responder and a trek lead who has years of experience.

Group Size : The size of your is very important. If it is a large group (20+ people), it leads to less attention. When the group size is 10-12 trekkers, you get to know everything about the flora and fauna. It makes the trek interesting for every participant.

Geared up properly : It is important to be prepared for VOF. Right trekking shoes along with rain gear is mandatory to carry along. Rain cover for rucksack is also necessary. Be prepared to be mentally tough to sail through the occasional slips and slides on the slippery sections (if any).

Merge with Hemkund Sahib : In general all trekkers do the Valley of Flowers and the next day to up to the Hemkund Sahib Gurudwara. Even though it is not mandatory to go for it, people attempt it, as it is an important Sikh pilgrim. Additionally one gets to dive in the sacred pool of water after which one feel refreshed. 

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