Prashar Lake Trek

Situated 49 kms from Mandi in Himachal is Lake Prashar a beautiful lake offering its visitors with a beautiful view of Pir Panjal, Kinnauri and Dhauladhar mountain ranges along with River Beas running adjacently. Prashar Lake Trek is named after Sage Prashar and has a 13th century Pagoda style temple. A unique thing about the lake or in the words of locals the Lake has many mysteries to itself. Till date no one has been able to determine the depth of the lake and there is a floating Island on the lake which floats from one end to other on its own. This place can be throughout the year except in winters i.e December to  March.  After reading all the things about this beautiful place I made my mind to visit this place with my family and contacted Wanderers. Why I contacted Wanderers as I heard about them a lot as they were the best in organizing Treks.

We reached Mandi and were contacted by Wanderers and then we met at the place from where we were supposed to leave for the trek.  We were served with freshly made breakfast and after that we left for Baggi which is a drive of around 1.5-2 hrs. After reaching Baggi we started to trek. Ascending and Descending through the scenic view capturing them we took a stop after 1.5-2 hours and enjoyed the packed lunch. After getting energized we started again and reached the Lake. The scenic view and the beautiful lake took all the Tiredness away and after getting settled in the camps we left for exploring the stunning landscapes of Prashar Lake Trek and visited the Temple. Evening was followed by a campfire, snacks and dinner.

On Day 2 we again had another chance of Sightseeing early morning.  Wanderers ensured that the breakfast was fresh and healthy breakfast thanks.. to them for this. Then we started descending to Baggi. After we got into the Traveler we had our lunch in the midway which was served fresh and hot.

On behalf of my family and I would like to thanks wanderers for sticking to all there commitments and ensuring that the we had memories for lifetime. Eagerly looking to visit more places with WANDERES.

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