Packing Essentials for Har ki Dun Trek

Packing is one of the most essential components of any trip and when one is travelling in winters and that too for a trek like Har Ki Dun, it becomes an important task to pack the essentials, so that later you don’t regret it.

So, what does one carry when going on mountains for a winter trek? Wanderers gives a comprehensive list which makes you pack the most basic items to the much-needed items for a trek and so here is the list…

  •     Backpack 60-65 L – 1
  •     Water proof backpack cover - 1
  •     Good quality durable High Ankle Trekking Shoes
  •     Floaters/Sandals – 1 Pair
  •     Quick Dry T-Shirt (Half Sleeves) - 2
  •     Quick Dry T-Shirt (Full Sleeves) - 2
  •     Thermals upper & lower – 2 Pairs
  •     Fleece – 1/2
  •      Down Jacket – 1
  •     Outer Layer (Jacket) Wind/Water proof - 1
  •     Cotton Socks – 2/3 Pairs
  •     Woollen Socks – 2 Pairs
  •     Undergarments
  •     Quick Dry Towel - 1
  •     Woollen Cap/Balaclava/Monkey Cap - 1
  •     Sun Cap - 1
  •     Woollen Gloves – 1 Pair
  •     Water Proof Insulated Gloves – 1 Pair
  •     Trekking Pants quick dry – 2 Pairs
  •     Trekking Pants Water proof – 1 Pair
  •     Trekking Pole – 2
  •     Sun Glasses – 1
  •     Sun Screen Lotion SPF 40+ - 1
  •     Lip Balm - 1
  •     Cold Cream – 1
  •     Anti-Fungal Powder - 1
  •     Basic Toiletries
  •     Torch/Head Lamp - 1
  •     Whistle
  •     Personal Medical Kit
  •     Swiss Knife
  •     Water Bottle 1 L - 1
  •     Energy Bars

Apart from this one needs to carry a disposable bag for the used items (or waste) as we believe in “leaving no trail”.


Although the trek leads at Wanderers carry a well equipped First Aid Kit with an oxygen cylinder, it is advisable to carry a basic individual FIRST AID KIT which would have personal medications, antiseptics, insect repellents etc.  

A trekker should go through a thorough medical examination and get clearance from the doctor before going ahead with any high altitude trek. Apart from this, although Wanderers crew would be there always to take care of your health and provide you with emergency measures, but one should also have a general know how on certain basic health care knowledge like CPR and Altitude Sickness which is caused in high altitudes. 

Please notify the team at Wanderers of any persisting health condition beforehand and always remain hydrated

So, with all this information, you are ready to take on the trek.

Happy Trekking and Enjoy the mountains!!!

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