Nag Tibba Trek

A short and sweet trek from delhi, a perfect weekend getaway...!!

Nag tibba trek is the highest peak in the lower Himalayas of the Garhwal region. It is a good trek for first time trekkers or beginner trekkers. It is a total of 16 kms in total, Pantwari to Pantwari. It is a moderate trek for beginners with a total elevation gain of 4800 feet (in approx. 2 days).

An overnight train bus from Delhi to Dehradun should get you to assemble at Dehradun railway station. From here a booked vehicle see’s you to Pantwari (85 kms, 3 to 4 hours). This route from Dehradun drives thru Mussourie, Kempti falls, Yamuna bridge and Nainbagh. Turning right from Nainbagh you get to the “Nag Tibba road” that takes to straight to Pantwari (12 kms fro Nainbagh).

Nag Tibba

From Pantwari (4640 feet) we start the trek over the cemented trail that leads us straight to the zig- zag climb. One can see signs/ markings directing towards the “Goat Village”. After a semi steep climb to the last cemented house on the left we halt for lunch. After lunch we trek for approx. 2 to 2 hours 30 mins and reach the forest huts. 100 metres away from these huts is a good camping spot. We camp for the night here. There is a temple nearby which one can go visit and return (10 mins from the camp). We are here at an altitude of 7520 feet.

Next morning after a light breakfast start for the summit. We start ascending on this trail amidst the forest. The entire route from here onwards in on a carpet of brown/ golden leaves or on a thin layer of snow (depending on summers or winters). 2 hours of climb and we reach the “Flag spot”, from where we see the other side of the valley. We’ve reached the summit and sit at 9915 feet. On the left hand slope from the summit one can get a terrific view of the Himalayan ranges of Swargrohini (6252 meters), Bandarpoonch (6316 metres), Kala Nag (6387 meters), Srikanta (6133 meters), and the Gangotri ranges, Kedarnath peak in the north and the Doon valley. Enjoy the views of these peaks...!!

Following back our footsteps we head for the base camp by noon time. Have lunch, un-pitch the camp, ensure cleanliness and start descending for Pantwari. By 3 pm we should get to the village. From here the same vehicle that brought us here the day before, takes us back to dehradun railway station. We can halt for tea at Kempti falls. Approx 7.30 pm we should reach the railway station. There is an alternate route for the Nag tibba sumit. It starts for the other side of the valley from a village named Devalsari. The total distance of the trek till the summit and back from Devalsari is 26 kms.

Flora and Fauna:

The trail takes one through enchanting lush green valleys, hushed hamlets, and conifers and thick dense mixed oaks and deodar forests.

The mix of terraced fields and natural vegetation attracts many birds. The Burberry (Berberis spp.) that fruits in April-June attracts fruit-eating birds. Stopping on the way, one may see Black Partridge, Hill Partridge, Himalayan Greenfinch, Rufous-gorgeted Flycatcher, whiskered Yuhina, Black Bulbul, Common Stonechat, Blue-throated Barbet, White-collared Blackbird, Blue-capped Redstart and Red-billed Leiothrix. The orange-and- yellow blooms of Blood Flower (Asclepias currasavica), will attract the spectacular Paris Peacock butterfly in the monsoon. These birds are not easy to find. With the day rise, and presence near to the forests with complete silence on may encounter some of these birds.

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