Intro and knowing about your rucksack

Intro and knowing about your rucksack. What to keep in mind before investing in a rucksack?

Before investing into a rucksack it’s important to know a few details. The size of the back of the rucksack is supposed to be as per the height of your own back. If the sack size is any smaller, the shoulders and lower back will be affected the most, causing discomfort and occasionally aches. If the sack size is longer than the back size, the sack will keep hitting the ass at every step forward. The size of the sack is supposed to match with the back size for full comfort. With the right sack size, heavy weight of approximately 12 to 15 kgs can also be carried with bare minimal impact on the body in terms of aches and pains. People who are 6 feet and above or who are very slim are the first ones to face back issues due to a wrong sized sack. After the size of the sack, its overall shape matters. A slim and tall sack is much more convenient than a round and bulky sack. Along with the sack, make sure the sack you’re investing in, is a firm and sturdy sack. Now days many sacks come within in built aluminium frames to maintain the firmness and shape of the sack while it is being carried. After this you would want to look at it’s carrying capacity. For a 7 to 8 days trek, where one is to carry clothing and trekking gear, excluding tents, sleeping bags, mattress, butane gas stoves and other technical equipment, a 65 litres sack is sufficient. A 65 litres sack can hold about 18kgs. Frankly speaking, for trekkers this much carrying capacity is more than enough.

For people going on expeditions, wherein a lot more stuff is to be carried, a 75 to 80 litre sack should suffice. If the sack holding capacity is higher than the weight inside it, it will look bulky, feel bulky and will be irritating to carry. A fully filled sack is easier to carry than a slugging sack.

The rucksacks these days come with various sizes, shapes, compartments, colors and brands. Apart from this difference, they are also differenced as per their packing zips and compartments. For instance, top loader, bottom loader and front loader. One can easily search rucksacks online these days. From domestic brands to international brands the internet has many options. Brands like inlander, mont track, novex, senterlan, solognac, wildcraft, quechua, kingcamp can be found easily online. These are priced anywhere between 2,500 to 8000 rupees, 60 litres sack. There are some high end international brands that cost above 10,000 rupees as arcteryx, garment, mammut, marmot, mountain hard wear, deuter, osprey, black diamond, trek, north face, vango sherpa, montane ultra, lowe alpine, berghaus and many more. These too could be searched online. Some of these international branded sacks could be found in Delhi.

From our experience, a 65+ litres sack priced anywhere between INR 5000 to 7000, with a sturdy frame and good padding should be a good deal. Make sure to check the small details as mentioned above...!!

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