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Packing Essentials for Har ki Dun Trek

Article By Deepti Duggal, Wanderers

Packing is one of the most essential components of any trip and when one is travelling in winters and that too for a trek like Har Ki Dun, it becomes an important task to pack the essentials, so that later you don’t regret it. 

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Har Ki Dun Winter Trek

07 August 2018 blog by Priya – Mumbai

Being on social media these days is not a choice but a necessity and when you are on handles like Instagram and others, you are bound to get tempted to all the marvellous photos that people post from their travel diaries. And yes, I am also a victim of that ‘temptation’

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Trek to the land of flowers

25 May 2018 blog by Anish Mohanty

So this all started when a friend of mine Puneet just trekked Markha valley with team Wanderers. I remember clearly he used to go on and on for days talking about the beauty of the mountains, simplicity in the local lifestyle, star gazing in the nights, camping – sleeping in sleeping bags and soon...!! It is then I thought of exploring trekking for myself.

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Trek to Kanamo Peak

22 May 2018 blog by Amit Mathur & Pictures by - Geeta Nivagune

After reading quiet a bit on internet, I decided to for the Kanamo Trek in Spiti. It suited my budget and leave planner in office. I decided to go with Wanderers since my friends had done with trek previous year with them and their reviews were fab.

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What to Pack for Weekend Trek

19 May 2018 blog by Wanderers Team

Weekend Trek \ Long Weekend Trek – Generally the trek that you can accomplish within the 2 days that you have off from your 9 to 5 jobs. Easy in nature. Sometime touching the “moderate” class as well.

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Sham Trek Ladakh

17 May 2018 blog by Nandita Sirohi, New Delhi

I have been a trekker for almost 5+ years and have done many treks in Himalayan states of Uttarakhand, Himachal and Ladakh. Although, it goes without saying that the all of them are different, with different level of difficulties as well as magnificently beautiful and magical views they offer.

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Markha Valley Winter Expedition

09 May 2018 blog by Suruchi, Mumbai

I have been a trekker for 10 long years. I have done treks like Rupin Pass, Valley of flowers trek, Chadar trek, Sangla Valley, Stok Kangri to name a few. I have been in Himalayas for a very long time now.

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Kedarkantha Trek by Vasantha Priya

09 May 2018 blog by Vasantha Priya

In Nov 2017, the idea of scaling Everest Base Camp (EBC) came in our best friends (school mates) group, then we reached out to various sources to identify the best leader in the space. My good friends, Dr. Archana Thombre and Dr. Surrendra Patil suggested the name of Saranbir.

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Chadar Trek in Leh Ladakh

01 May 2018 blog by Devjit Acharya

This was a trek on my mind for a long time and I really wanted to accomplish it before I went for further studies in US.

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Stok Kangri Expedition

24 April 2018 blog by Rahul Sharma (Mumbai)

We landed in Leh and reached the homes stay by the name park fields in Shenam, Leh. It was a beautiful morning and sun was out. Devjit greeted us at the home stay.

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Deoriya Tal Chandrashila Trek

24 April 2018 blog by Sachin Thacker

Deoriya Tal and Chandrashila Trek was my first trek on the eve of Christmas. I knew Lokesh from Wanderers for a very long time and we actually worked together in one of the corporates long pack.

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Valley of Flower Trek Uttarakhand

18 April 2018 blog By Shruti Seth

Valley of flowers Trek Uttarakhand was my first ever trek in the month of July 2017. I knew through my friends who are travelers that mid July is the busiest time for Valley of flowers.

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Stok Kangri Summit Trek

3 April 2018 blog by Wanderers

If you are bored with the usual stories of bike rides/road trips to Leh, have been to some treks already and now want something a little more thrilling or adventurous, it is time you attempted Stok Kangri Summit.

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Kheerganga Trek

29 March 2018 blog by Wanderers Team

I was always very inquisitive about Kheerganga trek. The stories of how the thick pine forests lead to the spiritual site of Khirganga temporary village (Kheer Ganga), a meadow at 2960m where Shiva is said to have meditated for 3000 years always intrigued me.

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Things you should know if you are planning Valley of Flowers Trek

28 March 2018 blog by Wanderers Team

Booking: Book well in advance. It is important to experience valley in full bloom. The best time for the trek is mid July to mid august. Going in late August or early September, there is less or no chance of experiencing the valley in “full bloom”.

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Valley of Flowers

19 March 2018 blog by Mahesh, Bangaluru

In the summers of 2016, I booked myself on a batch of Valley of flowers trek with Wanderers. I got their reference from one of my friends who trekked Chadar trek in Ladakh with them.

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Why it is important to plan Valley of Flowers Trek well in Time

18 January 2018 blog by Wanderers Team

Valley of flowers trek is one of the most preferred treks in Garhwal Himalayas. It offers a incredible view of some of the most beautiful flowers in the world.  The world famous Blue Popeye can be seen in thousands when the valley is in full bloom.

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Stok Kangri

10 November 2017 article by Wanderers Team

There are multiple routes to the mighty Stok Kangri. The most preferred and common route taken is from Leh – Stok village – Changma – Mankarmo – Stok base – Stok summit and back. This is covered in 7 days from Leh to Leh after two days of acclimatisation in Leh.

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Buran Ghati Trek

18 August 2017 article by Wanderers Team

Buran Ghati is one of the most beautiful treks of our country. It is in the Pabbar valley. The general route taken for this trek starts from a village called Janglik. After an overnight halt/ stay at Janglik, trek to the Dayara site and camp for the night.

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Why do we need a trekking shoe

07 July 2017 blog by Wanderers Team

Shoes are one of the most important equipment on a trek. From a small day hike to a high altitude trek and even expeditions, the right kind of shoe matters. Our daily wear sports, casuals and formal shoes will not last on treks. Trekking shoes are made and manufactured keeping in mind the different types of terrain, weather and many other factors.

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Stok Kangri Trek Mountain Peak

05 July 2017 blog by Rahul Bhatia

We were a group of 6 trekkers from Delhi and quite experienced as most of us already did treks like Chandrashila, Kedarkantha, Har Ki Dun etc. So it was time we planned for Stok Kangri. I agree the attraction of doing Stok Kangri is its height (6153 Meters).

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What are the things to carry for a 6 to 8 days of a high altitude trek

30 June 2017 blog by Wanderers Team

Track pants cotton, quick dry 2 shall suffice. A big NO to denims, jeans, baggy low waist cargos and formal trousers. Shorts and 3 quarters are optional. Other than the 2 quick dry tracks, ensure to carry 1 thick trouser that keeps you warm in cold conditions.

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Intro and knowing about your rucksack

23 June 2017 blog by Wanderers Team

Before investing into a rucksack it’s important to know a few details. The size of the back of the rucksack is supposed to be as per the height of your own back.If the sack size is any smaller, the shoulders and lower back will be affected the most, causing discomfort and occasionally aches.

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Nag Tibba Trek

22 June 2017 blog by Ravi Kumar

Nag tibba is the highest peak in the lower Himalayas of the Garhwal region. It is a good trek for first time trekkers or beginner trekkers. It is a total of 16 kms in total, Pantwari to Pantwari. It is a moderate trek for beginners with a total elevation gain of 4800 feet (in approx. 2 days).

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Kuari Pass

21 June 2016 blog by Sai Ventakesh

Finally, the day has come and I am all set for leaving for Kuari Pass trek along with 5 friends. I have always been mesmerized by the scenic beauty of Himalayas. We left for Haridwar in the afternoon as we wanted to attend the Aarti at Ganges in the evening since we never had the chance to attend the Aarti. 

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Chadar Trek 2017

20 June 2017 blog by Sarita Rastogi

I have always dreamt of doing the CHADAR TREK. I have heard that it is one of the most thrilling and adventurous trek in India. CHADAR is a hindi word that refers to a blanket or sheet as the Zanskar river transforms itself from a rapid river into a white blanket of ice during winter.

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Road Trip in Ladakh

25 May 2017 blog by Aman Kishore

We started our trip with wanderers on a Thursday night. I took a cab from our house in Saket to Hayat Hotel. That was our meeting point at 11 PM. Took me about 15 – 20 mins to reach the main road outside the hotel and WANDERERS team was already stationed there to welcome.

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Deoriatal Chandrashila Peak

19 May 2017 blog by The Timeless Drifter

Started from Delhi in an open Gypsy (it’s an old model 4 wheel drive) that has accompanied us in countless treks and off roading trips. Your drive does make a lot of difference. Not to say that taking other mode of transport in anyway impacts your travel. But for us it was fun right from the start.

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Road Trip India

15 May 2017 blog by The Timeless Drifter

We chose Wanderers for our road trip. They have the best skill to show you around. The jeeps they use are connected with each other along with a mobile kitchen made out in a jeep as well. Additionally, Wanderers team also has the sleeping arrangement on top of the jeeps in form of Roof Top Tents and so they are the best choice for a road trip anywhere.

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Markha Valley Trek

10 May 2017 blog by Rajat S, Delhi

I have done many treks in Uttarakhand, Himachal & Ladakh region including the Chadar expedition & quite a few with Wanderers. I know them from the days they used to run a beach camp ahead of Rishikesh by the name of Beach Hideout. It was because of my amazing experience at Beach Hideout, I started to know Lokesh (Co-Founder, Wanderers) personally as well.

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Everest Base Camp Trek

22 April 2017 blog by Devjit Acharya

It was in April that I finally made it to Everest Base Camp Trek. I actually planned it in year 2014 as well but it did not work out. In fact, you make it to the base only when it is meant to be. The entire experience of this trek is just beyond words. To be at Kala Pathar and look at all those snowcapped peaks including the mighty Sagarmatha (or Everest) is simply magical.

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Ladakh in Winters

08 April 2017 blog by Lokesh Khosla

Sure, there is so much more about Ladakh than what we have experienced so far visiting Ladakh in summers. The lakes, clear blue sky and the Milky Way in the night are second to none. Ladakh is equally beautiful, serene and magnificent in winters.It is quieter and there are less people compared to the road trip summer season and you only tourists.

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Prashar Lake Trek

10 March 2017 blog by Saranbir Singh

Situated 49 kms from Mandi in Himachal is 
Prashar Lake Trek a beautiful lake offering its visitors with a beautiful view of Pir Panjal, Kinnauri and Dhauladhar mountain ranges along with River Beas running adjacently. Lake is named after Sage Prashar and has a 13th century Pagoda style temple. A unique thing about the lake or in the words of locals.

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Kedarkantha Trek

07 March 2017 blog by Vinod Kumar

The Kedarkantha trek was amazing. It was my first winter trek and second overall with Wanderers. The amazing views which I experienced were just astonishing. Experienced snow fall for the first time. The journey for the beautiful Kedarkantha peak started from Dehradun which is a long drive to Sankri located at an altitude of 6400 feet...

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Kuari Pass Trek with Wanderers

05 February 2017, blog by Shubham Dixit, Delhi

I am a trekker for a few years now and Kuari Pass in winters was on my list for a few years. Finally, I made it to Kauri pass successfully in winters of 2016. I went with Wanderers as I knew them from before and had an amazing experience before on Har Ki Dun Trek.  I was picked up from Dehradun in a temp traveler along with me.

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Chadar Trek 2017

03 January 2017, blog by Himanshu Saini, Delhi

After an unsuccessful attempt to go for Chadar expedition in 2015 (which got cancelled because of a massive landslide because of which water started to get accumulated and the trek got cancelled by the administration), I planned for Chadar Trek again in winters of 2017. This time with Delhi based adventure travel company, Wanderers.

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